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CBC Radio Canada – Halifax Consolidation

Boilers and Stack Replacement, Tower 1, Purdy’s Wharf, Halifax

Boilers and Stack Replacement, Tower 2, Purdy’s Wharf, Halifax

DTIR – Miller Lake Facilities Heat Recovery Unit Replacement, Fall River

HIAA – Tender CC00181, Electrical and Data Room HVAC Upgrades, Enfield

Spryfield Lions Arena Renovations, Halifax 

12 Wing Shearwater Decontamination Shelter, CFB Shearwater

6TH Floor Pharmacy Bio-Safety Hood Exhaust, Victoria Building

6024 Quinpool Road, "Relish Burger", Halifax

Airport Screening Facility, Halifax International Airport

BIO Jetty Extension

Blood Services - QEII Halifax Infirmary

Building D175 Baghouse Replacement, HMC Dockyard

Capital Spry Lodge Elevator Addition

Cardiac Catheter Lab, Level 6, Halifax Infirmary, QEII, Halifax

CDHA Arthritis Research, 6TH Floor, Rehab Building

CDHA – Bayers Road Site, Diabetic Office Ventilation

CDHA – Bayers Road Site, Mental Health Offices 

CDHA – CEC Emergency Renovation, Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital 

CDHA – Community Living Initiative, Dartmouth

CDHA – Core Lab, Mackenzie Building, Levels 1 & 2

CDHA – Dartmouth General Hospital, Air Plenum

CDHA – Diagnostic Imaging, Dickson Building, VG Site, Halifax

CDHA - Dickson Building, Dialysis Plumbing and Drainage Modifications, Halifax 

CDHA – Halifax Infirmary, AHU no. 7 and no. 11 Floor Replacements

CDHA – Halifax Infirmary, 4th Floor Exam Rooms

CDHA – Halifax Infirmary, 6th Floor Catheter Lab Demolition, Halifax 

CDHA – Halifax Infirmary, 8th Floor Ventilation Modifications, Halifax

CDHA – Halifax Infirmary, Coil Replacements 

CDHA - Lab Renovation, MacKenzie 7th Floor, VG Site, Halifax

CDHA – Level 4 Roof, AHU no. 6 Replacement, Dickson Building, VG Site, Halifax

CDHA – MacKenzie Building, 5th Floor, Lab Renovations, Halifax

CDHA – MacKenzie Building, 7th Floor Grossing Lab, Halifax

CDHA – Ortho Treatment Renovation Phase 1 and 2

CDHA - Pathology Offices, MacKenzie Building, 6th Floor, VG Site, Halifax

CDHA - Replacement of Nucelar Medicine Air Handling Unit, Dickson Building, VG Site Halifax

CDHA - Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital, Washroom Renovations, Musquodoboit Harbour

CDHA – Veterans Memorial Building, Cart Wash

CFB Halifax, Renovation to Specialist Service Clinic, Building S80, Stadacona

CFB Halifax, Stadacona Steam Distribution Upgrade, Phase 3

Chronical Herald, Head Office Relocation

Cogswell Tower, Chiller Piping Renovation

Construct New Elevator for Building WL-7
CRA – Space Optimization Project, 10th Floor Renovations and HVAC Revisions Floors 1-10, Ralston Building, Halifax

D-187 Oily Waste Renovations

D200 Washroom Upgrades - Halifax Dockyards

DCC - JRCC Windsor Park

Damper Replacement - Halifax Infirmary & Veterans' Memorial Hospital

Dartmouth Hospital Exhaust

DCC Operations Centre, S-89 Marine Security Mechanical Upgrade

DCC Submarine Battery Shop

Diagnostic Imaging, MRI Replacement, Halifax Infirmary Site

Diagnostic Imaging, Level 3, Victoria Building

Dickson Building, Cancer Centre Suite

Dickson Dialysis Acid Drainage Uprades, QEII, Halifax

DND - DMOC Infrastructure Upgrade, Building S17, Stadacona, CFB Halifax

DND - UPS Upgrade Building S80, CFB Halifax 

DND – Victoria Class Communication Trainer (Shield) HVAC Replacement, Building S17, Stadacona, CFB Halifax 

DRDC Addition, Building 1, CFB Halifax

Duke Tower Air Intake Modifications

Eastern Shore District High School Boiler Replacement

Eastern Turf Equipment Leasehold Fit-up, 580 Wright Avenue, Dartmouth 

ENT Research, 3RD Floor, Dickson Building

EP Labs, Phase 2, Clinical Research

EP Labs, Phase 3, VG Hospital, Halifax

EWSF/CFCSU 2ND & 3RD Floor Renovations

Fiasco Restaurant Renovation, Halifax

Halifax Class Modernization, Seacot East, Building S17, Stadacona, CFB Halifax

Halifax Herald, Roof Platform & Ductwork Modifications

Halifax Infirmary Mehcanical Room Cooling

HERC Laboratory Tenant Fit-up, LSRI, Dalhousie University, Halifax

HRSB - Dartmouth High School New Electrical Upgrade

HRSB - Prince Andrew High School Electrical Services Upgrade

HRSB - Prince Andrew High School Tech Ed Renovations, Dartmouth

HVAC & Lighting Upgrades, Cox Institute, N.S. Agricultural College

Infrastructure Improvements, Phase 1, Windsor Park Building 64

Install PTAC Units, Phase 3, S-21 Stadacona

Install PTAC Units, Phase 4, Stadacona

Lot 1221A, Wright Avenue, Dartmouth 

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, AC System Replacement, Halifax (TIR)

Medical Day Unit, Victoria Building, 4th Floor, QEII, Halifax

Molecular Imaging & Research Centre, V.G. Hospital

Mount Edward Road Pumping Station, Halifax Water Commission

MSOC Office Air Conditioning - WP 26

Musquodobit Hospital Boiler Replacement

National Defence Building D-201, Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Renovations

New Offices, Miller Lake Facility

Northbrook, Phase 2 Renovations

Northwood Manor Renovations, Level 10 & 11

NSCC – Akerley Campus Exterior Wall Replacement, Dartmouth

NSCC – Akerley Campus Kitchen Optimization, Dartmouth 

NSCC – Akerley Campus Sheet Metal Shop & Computer Lab Renovations, Dartmouth

NSCC – Akerley Campus Welding Shop - HVAC & Controls Tender, Dartmouth

NSCC – IT Campus C-Wing Exterior Retrofit, Tender L55, Halifax

NSCC – IT Campus - Phase 3 Renovations, Halifax

NSCC - IT Campus - Student Learning Facility, Halifax

NSCC - IT Campus - Tender L15, Halifax

NSCC - IT Campus - Tender L22, Halifax

NSCC - Renovations to IT Campus Tender No. L-26, Halifax

NSCC - Renovations to IT Campus Tender No. L-30, Halifax

Office Renovations, Hangar 3 Annex, 12 Wing Shearwater

Pain Management Clinic, Dickson Building, V.G. Hospital

Pink Larkin Lawyers & Advocats Office Relocation 

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Summit Place

Prince Andrew High School Chemistry Lab Renovations

Prince Andrew High School Washroom Renovations

Prospect Road Community Centre

Purcells Cove Waste Water Treatment Facility

Purdy 3 North Barrier Free Washroom Upgrade

QEII Centennial Building Recladding

QEII Infirmary, New MRI, Level 500

QEII, Mackenzie Building, 5TH Floor Lab Equipment RenovationsRA2 Heating System 

Relocate Subsar from D19 - D166

Renovations for Addiction Services, CDHA

Renovations to Dahn Lab, Dunn Building, Dalhousie Univeristy, Halifax

Replace 300 Ton with 2 x 150 Cooling Towers, Building S-82, Stadacona

S-37 Stadacona Rebuilt Parapet Walls, CFB Halifax

Salvation Army District Headquarters Relocation [Ventilation], Halifax

Salvation Army Spryfield Family Resource Centre

Saint Mary's University (SMU), 5960 Inglis Street

Saint Mary's University (SMU) Infant Daycare Renovations

Scotia Square, Main Plant New Chiller Piping

Shed 20 - South Seawall Redevelopment

Shed 21, Leaseholds Phase 11

Sir John A. MacDonald Renovations

Skills Lab, Bethune Building, VG Hospital

Stadaconca Chapel Renovations

Stadacona Hospital, S80 Endoscopy Labs

St. Vincent Du Paul Church Addition

St. Vincent's Guest Home - Emergency Electrical Upgrade

Submarine Trainer HVAC Alterations Building, S100 Stadacona

Taxi Kiosk Halifax Interfnational Airport

Telecommunications Upgrade - MDF, CFB Shearwater Wing TIS 

TIR Miller Lake, Building "B", Heating Boiler Replacement & Heating System Upgrade

Trade Mart Building, Department of Education

Transportation Centre, NSCC Akerley Campus

Twin Oaks / The Birches, Link Addition & Lift Renovations

Upgrades, Royal Antillery Park, Building 02

Upgrade Electrical Utilities, HMC Dockyard Tunnels

Uplands Park Wastewater Treatment Facility UV Disinfection Upgrades

Various Upgrades, Tempest Shield, Building S17, Stadacona, CFB Halifax 

Wellington Wastewater Treatment Facilty Replacement, Wellington, NS


Last updated July 9, 2014